HO HO HO! It’s Christmas in the desert!

Hello Frequent Flyers! It’s been a while since we spread the news on what’s happening with the band! There’s a lot so hang tight!

We just released a new EP for the holidays! Inspired by the frigid 62-degree weather here in Phoenix, these tunes make that cup of warm cocoa all the more memorable. Oh, and did we mention it’s FREE!? Consider it our early Christmas gift to all of you for your love and support! Word from the wise: if you’re going to re-gift it, don’t tell anyone it’s free ūüėČ You can listen to it on Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Mp3, Deezer, Xbox Music, Bandcamp, and all those other .com’s we love so much.

In other news, we were selected to record a song on Alice Cooper’s Taste of Christmas Pudding album for 2015! The album features renditions of Christmas classics from the best of Phoenix’s local talent. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear! Or something like that. Our friends Analog Outlaws, Doll Skin, UFN, and Vintage Wednesday are on the album as well!

Last month the band spent a few days filming a couple music videos with world-renowned music video director and editors. The shots looks FANTASTIC! Right now we’re waiting at the edge of our seats for editing to be finished, but we’re bringing in the new year with some stellar promo footage! Huge thanks to all of our fans who came to the video shoot and interviewed for our press kit!

What else!? We’ve been catching lots of Pokemon on Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire! James is still trying to catch up on¬†Heart Gold / Soul Silver. Pokemon battles are definitely in order!

See you at Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding show! Look for the us in the audience!

The EP is HERE!


Guys! Guys! We did it!! Without any further ado, we’re happy to present to you our debut EP, “Pilot”! Now you can jam along with us all day! Play it for your friends! Play it for your neighbors! Play it for your grandma! Play it for your exes! Play it for your pets! Play it for your grandmas again!

This three-track album has been the wonderful fruit of our hard work, and we couldn’t be happier to share it with you all! So where can you get it? All of these places!:

Bandcamp Icon            Spotify icon           Itunes Icon           Youtube Icon

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Some of these are still processing, so we’ll update each link as it goes live!

Thanks to all of you wondeful Frequent Flyers for your undying support and love! We’re working to pump out the rest of our LP for you!

Sharing the stage with 90s pop stars

aaron Promo

People all around, you’ve got to come get it! Aaron’s party is coming to Tucson and everyone’s invited! Just don’t spill juice on his mom’s new cushion. We’re happy to be opening for Aaron Carter at the Rock on December 11th!

Real talk though, ladies: there’s gonna be eye candy galore up there. The guys of PWCF have been doing Tae Bo with Billy Blank every day so we look good! Not to mention your childhood sweetheart Aaron Carter already beat Shaq. And gents, Aaron always draws a throng of females so don’t miss out!

So how do you get in to the party? The boys of PWCF have got you covered! Tickets are normally $18 each, but we will hook you up with $16 tickets! ūüôā Also, all pre-orders will be treated to an instant free download of our track “The Villain” from our upcoming LP! Order your discounted will-call tickets here:


Where: The Rock 136 n park ave Tucson AZ 85711
When: December 11th 2014, 6:00pm-8:00pm
Who: Aaron Carter and People Who Could Fly
Tickets: $16 from us or $18 DOS.
Parking: Free!

In the next EPisode, we dEPloy an album sample that will sweEP you off your feet!

Let’s admit that the title probably kEPt you on the edge of your seat. We are excited to announce that our sample EP from our upcoming album is #finished, #amazing, and #nofilter!

This week we slaved over a hot mixing board (well, the engineer did) and brought life to the most beautiful tuneage known to man. In just 4 days, this EP has cured ebola, unveiled KFC’s 11 herbs and spices, and won a FULL game of monopoly; and it isn’t even released yet!

Now, surely you would like to know were¬†to get your hands on this holy grail of a compact disc? Stay tuned as we will soon¬†reveal the EP’s tracklist and offer links to stream it for free! (or buy it if you’re a gentleman and a scholar).

Just saying; we’re more excited than this puppy is



So as you may or may not know, we have been hard at work recording our first full-length LP! We chose to record at Phoenix’s studio oasis, SaltMine Studio. This is where Lil’ Wayne recorded his platinum “Tha Carter” album. Since Lil’ Wayne has been such a great inspiration on our guitar work, we’re hoping to channel his energy for this album!

This labor day we finished recording James’ vocals for “The Villain”, “Whisper On My Radio” and “Alaska”. These songs are sounding so killer it’s ridiculous! James drank 2 gallons of water and downed 1.5 bears of honey in one day while recording these vocals. That means that maximum moisture and premium rockitude was attained!

Stay tuned for our upcoming LP. We still have 6 more days to polish up this bad boy and drop it on your doorstep with a love letter and a dozen roses.

PWCF added to the Maricopa Music Festival lineup

The New Copper Sky Recreation Complex
44345 W Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Maricopa, AZ

When: October 25th 12pm – 7pm

Cost: Free with non-perishable food donation

Parking: Free

Described as the “Coachella of Arizona” by founder Chrystal Allen-O’Jon, the first-annual Maricopa Music Festival features 16 performing musical groups on 3 stages, along with tons of food and activity vendors. The event is free with donation of a non-perishable food item, and is all-ages.

Items to be raffled (raffle ticket included with free entry):
“Wine Your way” – connoisseur’s Wine Experience, 5 hour wine tour for 8 adults
Prizes from Modern Drummer magazine, Yogurt Jungle, Music Connection Magazine, and artist/designer Beth Keener.

Proud sponsors include Harrah’s,, Discount Cab, Ace Hardware, Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences, Wine Tours of Sedona, Freeway Chevrolet, Golden Eagle Distributors Inc., and more.

People Who Could Fly is scheduled to perform at 3:30pm, kicking off the night time entertainment. For full schedule of performers visit the official website.

James joins the band!

People Who Could Fly is pleased to announce the addition of James Mills as lead vocalist!

Great things are in progress as James and PWCF prepare to release the first full-length People Who Could Fly LP.

A little about James Mills:

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, James learned to play guitar and sing in 2004 and started writing music immediately. Now he is a multi-instrumentalist skilled in guitar, vocals, piano, bass, drums / percussion, composition, and audio production. His musicianship has been a key part of the several bands he has started and performed in. Over the years, James has had the opportunity to share the stage with such icons as Weezer, The Aggrolites, Authority Zero, The Slackers, Badfish, Strung Out, Scotty Don’t, Ryanhood, Angels & Airwaves, The Frantic, and The Jealous Sound. In 2005, he formed a ska-punk group called Evil Fudd, which played shows regularly and gained a great deal of attention and prestige in Tucson. Evil Fudd’s music was featured on 92.1FM KFMA, 91.3FM KXCI, and 103.9FM KDGE. He released his first album in 2008, which sold 750 physical copies and numerous ITunes downloads. Shortly thereafter, he played guitar with Weezer at the Arizona State Fair, joined by Angels and Airwaves. After Evil Fudd’s hiatus in 2009, James played guitar and backing vocals in a few other punk / ska bands, and opened for Sublime tribute group BadFish. At this point, James realized that he couldn’t be in any band position other than lead singer / songwriter. Using songs he had been writing since Evil Fudd’s hiatus in 2009, James formed Retro Future as an extension of his solo career. The band has been featured on 91.3FM KXCI and has received contract proposals from record labels. In 2013, James graduated from the University of Arizona with a marketing degree, and released his second album with Evil Fudd. Upon moving to Phoenix in January of 2014, James was contacted by People Who Could Fly to audition for the part of lead vocals. The band’s chemistry has been stellar, and the tight instrumentation of PWCF has been the perfect compliment to James’ dedication, energy and performance.

James’ influences include The Pixies, Weezer, At the Drive-In, Jaguar Love, The Killers, Muse, and Phoenix.