Hello Frequent Flyers! It’s been a while since we spread the news on what’s happening with the band! There’s a lot so hang tight!

We just released a new EP for the holidays! Inspired by the frigid 62-degree weather here in Phoenix, these tunes make that cup of warm cocoa all the more memorable. Oh, and did we mention it’s FREE!? Consider it our early Christmas gift to all of you for your love and support! Word from the wise: if you’re going to re-gift it, don’t tell anyone it’s free 😉 You can listen to it on Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Mp3, Deezer, Xbox Music, Bandcamp, and all those other .com’s we love so much.

In other news, we were selected to record a song on Alice Cooper’s Taste of Christmas Pudding album for 2015! The album features renditions of Christmas classics from the best of Phoenix’s local talent. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear! Or something like that. Our friends Analog Outlaws, Doll Skin, UFN, and Vintage Wednesday are on the album as well!

Last month the band spent a few days filming a couple music videos with world-renowned music video director and editors. The shots looks FANTASTIC! Right now we’re waiting at the edge of our seats for editing to be finished, but we’re bringing in the new year with some stellar promo footage! Huge thanks to all of our fans who came to the video shoot and interviewed for our press kit!

What else!? We’ve been catching lots of Pokemon on Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire! James is still trying to catch up on Heart Gold / Soul Silver. Pokemon battles are definitely in order!

See you at Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding show! Look for the us in the audience!