I should probably call it the “FAM” club, since we’re all family. But hey! We’re super excited to announce that our fans can now be part of a club!! Like seriously, we have badges and secret passwords and all the cool kids are part of it.

Everyone who joins our fan club (link on the bottom right side of our homepage) will get a free download of “The Villain” (That’s right, Free is a magic number!) and will receive a badge that allows VIP access to meet and hang out with the band after our shows! How cool is that? Well, let’s just say polar bears are all over it.

In other news, the band just met a bunch of famous people! We got to play on stage with Whitney Houston / Mariah Carey’s drummer Gigi Conway, and also got to meet Gardner Cole (a-ha’s producer) on set for the reality TV show “Limo Wars”! Gardner Cole also used to work with Madonna, and had 39 PLATINUM ALBUMS!! By the way, place your bets because Limo Wars is totally going to be the best thing since sliced bread. and MAN, sliced bread is good!!

So, do you see yourself as being like one of the members of People Who Could Fly? Well, take our Buzzfeed quiz and find out! (#4 will shock you!)

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