You did it.  To all those who made it through the week, it’s now Friday.  That means you can enjoy the weekend by starting it off right with a PWCF concert.  Tonight, starting a 7PM at Valley Bar, People Who Could Fly joins Fosterson and Iamwe in a show that will certainly blow minds.  In fact, it was even mentioned by local news azcentral as one of the top 20 shows of July to check out!  In other news, each day grows closer to PWCF’s first single release.  Look for it by the end of August/early September.  Lastly, the band is looking to make big strides as they made the semifinals in the international indie music competition called Unsigned Only.  They stride to make it even farther as the competition continues.  Check back for more updates soon!


Tickets to see People Who Could Fly and IAMWe at Valley Bar 7/8 here: